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Alternate Curricula

At the discretion of the school district board or governing body of a school, an approved alternate curricula, instruction, and training for the initial 24-hour and annual 8-hour training requirements may be used in lieu of the OSSC Armed School Staff Essential Training (ASSET) program.

If a school wants to be trained by a provider other than The Ohio School Safety Center, there is a simple process for the school to get the required approval.

  1. The school will complete and submit, to the OSSC, an ASSET Alternate Curricula – School Application.
  2. The OSSC will work with the alternate training provider to get and review the provider’s curriculum, instruction, and training.
  3. Within 30 days of curriculum receipt, the OSSC will provide the school with a decision on the request.

Alternate training providers will need to use one of the three established courses of fire for their training.

  1. Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC), ASSET
  2. Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC), Peace Officer/Private Security
  3. National Rifle Association (NRA), defensive pistol II qualification, sharpshooter rating