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Comprehensive System Learning Supports Guidelines

Using the Comprehensive System of Learning Supports Guidelines, local district and school building leadership teams can create plans and policies to ensure that every Ohio student enjoys access to academic and nonacademic programs and support services that are critical for success.

The guidelines allow districts flexibility in designing educational services that meet the unique needs of all their students. They are intended to help administrators:

  • Increase academic performance by designing systems that identify issues early on that interfere with a child's ability to learn;
  • Help all children, from nonproficient to accelerated students, meet their potential; and
  • Fulfill public funding requirements for planning, student diagnostic assessments, data collection and evaluation.

Through appropriate implementation of these guidelines, districts will meet or exceed Ohio Revised Code 3313.6012 requirements.

Boards of public school districts (including community and joint vocational schools) are encouraged to adopt policies incorporating these guidelines, which were approved by the State Board of Education in 2007.

System of Care Concept and Philosophy - a coordinated network of community-based services and supports for children with or at risk for mental health or other challenges. The network builds meaningful partnerships with families to help them function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life.